Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Will these strategies work in my industry?

You can use these techniques regardless of what industry you're in, and I guarantee it.  The strategies outlined are built upon proven and universal motivators.  Examples from dozens of industries are used in the course to show you how simple it is to apply to your own ad.

The list below includes just a sample of businesses who have invested in my course:

Chiropractors Plumbers Dentists
Auto Mechanics/Interiors Office Supply Companies Carpet Cleaners
Sign Shops Web Designers Attorneys
Mattress Distributors Insurance Companies Certified Public Accountants
Real Estate Brokers Computer Repair Heating/Cooling Contractors
Pool Companies Movers Waste Management
Electric Companies Powerwashers Construction
Glass Tutoring/Education Maid Services
Telephone Systems Martial Arts Florists
Facial Surgeons Debt Companies Home Remodeling

Finally...  No one has ever expressed that the techniques were in any way difficult to use for a particular industry or line of work.  On the contrary, I get feedback all of the time telling me how simple these strategies are to implement.

Question: If I'm not satisfied what do I have to do to get a refund?

Email me at alan AT and type "gimme' my money back Alan!" or anything like that.  I'll issue your refund as soon as I receive it.  Or of course, you can call me at 1.877.243.9612 and talk to me personally.

I'll issue a refund the moment you request it, and you're done.  Since my course consists of ebooks, there is absolutely nothing to ship back.

Question: Can I order over the phone, fax, or regular mail?

Absolutely.  I chose internet ordering because because it allows my clients immediate access to the course.  With purchases being made around the world, I wanted to guarantee immediate delivery even if it's 4 AM in New York.

If you prefer to order by phone, it will a little longer to create a unique download page for you - but I'm happy to do it.

To order by phone: call 1-877-243-9612

Question: My questions isn't answered here.  What should I do?

I'm happy to answer any questions you have.  Just get in touch with me using the information below!

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